Nvidia GTC — Metaverse/Omniverse

Virtual robot on left, physical on right
  • BMW designs a new factory.
  • Ericsson builds a digital city to test where to put their 5G network towers.
  • Siemens builds a digital Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) to predict when maintenance is needed on the boiler pipes.

Imagineering the Metaverse

  • Internet 1.0: people mostly observed. You turned on your computer, did something, then turned it off again. When the mobile internet came along, those interaction time slices became much shorter — you pull your phone out for 30 seconds, then put it away.
  • Internet 2.0: this wave became more about interacting and participating. Social media arrived, and user generated content exploded.
  • Metaverse: Bei says that in the Metaverse:
Great Wolf Lodge magic experience





Machine Learning & Android — https://stackoverflow.com/cv/dj

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Dan Jarvis

Dan Jarvis

Machine Learning & Android — https://stackoverflow.com/cv/dj

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