Creating an image classifier on Android using TensorFlow (part 2)

Rebuild the TensorFlow demo app from source

Using a virtual machine

  • It is easier to get started. This is because we can create a virtual machine image that already has most of the dependencies we need.
  • It protects your computer from any unwanted side effects. If you follow the TensorFlow Android demo app build instructions without thinking, you might accidentally mess up your development environment by installing or upgrading tools needed for the TensorFlow build.

Install Docker and create a TensorFlow-ready container

  • Install Docker (Mac, Windows). Wait for Docker to finish starting.
  • Check Docker is installed correctly:
$ docker run hello-world | grep Hello
  • Download my Docker image with all the dependencies:
$ docker pull danjarvis/tensorflow-android:1.0.0
  • Start a Docker container using this image:
$ docker run -it danjarvis/tensorflow-android:1.0.0
  • Check Python and all the TensorFlow dependencies are working by copying and pasting in the code in this Gist.
Hello from TensorFlow. Everything seems to be working!

Docker essentials

Building the TensorFlow project

Make a small update to the demo project

# find /tensorflow/ -name
# vi /tensorflow/tensorflow/examples/android/src/org/tensorflow/demo/

Build the demo project

# cd /tensorflow
# bazel build -c opt --local_resources 4096,4.0,1.0 -j 1 //tensorflow/examples/android:tensorflow_demo

Testing the APK

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS 68f8994d3b19 <image>:<version> "/bin/bash" 7 hours ago Up 7 hours
$ docker cp 68f8994d3b19:/tensorflow/bazel-bin/tensorflow/examples/android/tensorflow_demo.apk /tmp/
$ adb install -r /tmp/tensorflow_demo.apk




Machine Learning & Android —

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